In 2007, after Graduating from Illinois Wesleyan, I didn’t have an immediate prospect of continuing my education or a job field that I could go into.  I moved back home and was presented with the opportunity to assist my friend in her graphic and web design business since I had a computer background and had picked up some Photoshop skills while at Wesleyan.

After helping her for a few months, we realized it would be beneficial for me to begin my own business and we could still work as a team.  Thus Joyful Productions was born and I have been in business ever since.  I am still a one-woman show, providing html, SEO, software troubleshooting and some graphic design services.  Aluli Designs and I collaborate well as she provides the design and I provide the functionality.  Together we have made some really nice websites, movies, and more.

Through working with my Pastor, I have developed some excellent organizational skills and have helped him keep track of over 1,000 song files he has written.  We are in the process of finalizing several musical productions that he has composed at a rather rapid rate.  You can view Hawaiian Messiah and Paradise Dreamer online.  Hour of the Frogs is still in progress and I’m sure it won’t be long before you hear about the latest: Moves (in the Middle of the Night).